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A Guy Strung Me Along

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When I was little my dad would make me get on the phone and help him sell fireworks, if I was successful he’d give me a percentage of the sale, although I don’t actually think he ever worked out the percentage because I always just got $5. He would tell me to get people to buy more than what they …

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Why I’m Divorced

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My ex and I were polar opposites. He was quiet and put together, he was insanely intelligent and had big goals and always knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. I was loud, unorganized, I had no time to think about things like a career and if it wasn’t on E! News or MTV I couldn’t be …

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The Phases of Divorce, or Any Breakup

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I was talking to a friend the other night, we’ll call him Macallan. (Guess where I met him? Yep, the bar!) He’s on the road to divorce and just like every other divorced person he asked me what he’s supposed to do next. Answering the “what’s next” question can be rather difficult and there’s no definitive answer because it’s going …

Peter Pan Syndrome is Real

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Compared to most of my 32 year old friends, I have a pretty high energy level and prefer to live life in the fast lane. So meeting Peter Pan turned out to be refreshing, he seemed like he could keep up and he was 40! I was actually ecstatic about his age, anytime I meet anyone over 30 I get …