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Lessons From My Father

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The doctors told my mom and dad not to get married, they said he wouldn’t make it. Then after they got married they told him he’d never be able to have more children. SURPRISE!!!! Here I am, and my brother too! Strange things started to happen the day my dad died. My cell phone would light up like it was …

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The one thing I hide

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I have a reputation of being tough. When one of my girlfriends was going through a breakup she said, “I wish I could be like you, you’re way stronger than I am.” I swore to her that I felt the same way she did, but she didn’t get it because I never talked about it and she never saw it. …

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My Name and My Blog

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My mom named me after a Fleetwood Mac song (click the YouTube video above) and I think because I was named after a song it’s only natural that I have an obsession with music. I go to sleep listening to music, I wake up listening to music; my entire day revolves around music- and food. Good songs tell stories and …

How I Met My NFL Player Bestie

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Freight Train is my NFL player bestie, and just like Roomie, I met him at the bar! We became fast friends and feel like we have known each other forever. We laugh a lot about the day we met and blame our chance meeting on the law of attraction. Little did we know, we were two very similar people in …

How I Met My Roommate

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I have a good guy friend, we’ll call him Meatball. He’s a stereotypical dago and was best friends with my brother in high school. He actually talks about my brother a lot and every time he’s drunk he always makes it a point to tell me how large my brother’s penis is. I often question his sexuality and spend a …

Living Alone

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I’ve actually never lived alone, so when I made the decision to get an apartment by myself I knew I was in for a rude awakening. I wanted and needed the challenge, I had some growing up to do and there was definitely a lot I needed to learn. I think a lot of people were expecting and/or wanting me …

My Journey After Divorce

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It took me a while, but I remember the first night in my newly divorced singleness that I didn’t have any plans on a Friday and I was looking forward to staying home. I had such a crazy day at work all I wanted to do was make myself a good dinner and have a movie night. I chose Eat, Pray, …