There are things in life I said I’d never do. I’d never leave Ohio, I’d never quit teaching and I’d never get divorced. I lived in Charlotte for four years, I took a job in sales at a software company and I moved back to Cleveland. Then I got divorced. I now live by the words of two of the greats – Fievel Mousekewitz and Justin Bieber: “Never say never.” Which would explain why I got drunk off Martinis one night and applied to NASA even though I can’t find the Big Dipper. But, I was convinced they would call! They didn’t.

When I got divorced I wanted somebody to tell me what to do. I wanted direction, I wanted routine, and I wanted rules. At least that’s what I thought I wanted. I picked up book after book, but everything was geared toward older women with children and sounded like a guide to finding a new man. I was 30, broke, no kids and was more worried about finding myself than another man. I remembered when I was little before every athletic event my dad would tell me to get out there and “give ’em hell!” I’ve applied that same principle to life and have to say I’ve given so much hell that my father hasn’t stopped rolling in his grave. I can’t say I have it all figured out, but I’ve experienced so much in such a short period of time that it’s given me a unique perspective. I’m incredibly happy with the place I’m at in life, but it didn’t come without plenty of awkward moments, mishaps, and questionable decisions.

My life is completely different now. I left the suburbs to live in downtown Cleveland and I spend most of my time at local bars and restaurants trying to solve life’s great mysteries. I’m now happy to share what I’ve learned, and that even includes reviews for best spots to eat and drink in Cleveland. But, above all, I hope that you can learn something from what I’ve written and apply it to your own situation, whatever it may be. And if you’re not ready to take away a lesson, at least you’ll know where to go to take down a few more martinis until you’re fearless enough to follow your own pipe dreams.


  1. Dave

    You are an Awsome Woman!
    Look forward to hearing from you so much more!
    Stay Strong ! You Will Be Fine !!

  2. Eric

    Hey! I see you haven’t updated the blog in awhile – you still alive? Then again, I haven’t updated mine in FOREVER! But that will change soon! Hope you are well. Eric

    1. Author

      Hi!! I’m alive! Lol I needed a bit of a break. I’ll be back soon though. I’m doing great, hope you are too!

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