5 Ways To Know A Guy REALLY Likes You

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As females we waste a ridiculous amount of time trying to decode the cryptic language of men. We spend hours over-analyzing texts and conversations wondering if we said or did something wrong. Instead of recognizing the obvious, we justify their words and actions because it’s easier to remain hopeful than it is to admit that the guy we like doesn’t like us back.

When I get to that spot, I start to think about the guys that liked me, the guys that REALLY liked me. They were all so different, but every single one of them did one thing that was consistently the same.

They showed me.

It’s not rocket science and when it comes down to determining who’s being serious and who’s stringing you along, there are 5 easy ways to separate the men from the boys:

You get all of his attention

He doesn’t give you time to doubt his feelings because he’s too busy showing you how he feels. He’ll find numerous ways to let you know you’re the priority, not the option.

He initiates everything. He sends you good morning and good night texts (which are THE best texts ever) and he keeps the communication going. He doesn’t fall off the grid for 2-3 days at a time. He doesn’t care how stupid a text seems, he’s sending it because he just wants to talk to you. Oh and you ready for this- he calls! Boom! You’ll know he’s super nervous, you’ll hear it in his voice which makes the whole thing ten times more adorable.

He listens to you, pays attention to you, and remembers every single detail. He knows that it’s Hendricks you like not just gin, you wear a ring on your right hand that you never take off, you put ketchup in homemade chicken noodle soup, and you bite your nails every time you’re stressed or nervous.

He’s sincere

He means what he says and says what he means. He understands the power of words and would never use them to mislead you. When he gets drunk he’ll get liquid courage, he’ll start spouting off about how great you are and how much he likes you, but he’ll also say it when he’s sober. And when he says he wants to take you out you’ll know he means it because he’ll actually follow through.

He wants your time

The guy that likes you wants to take you out- before 9pm. He makes this date happen immediately because he knows if he waits, it means losing you. There’s no way he’s letting a good thing get away.

There’s no cell phone

He is rarely on his cell phone. He is more interested in what you have to say than what any newsfeed has to offer him. If he gets a call/text, he apologizes before he picks up his phone and he is not worried about telling you who’s on the other end- even if it is a girl. He has nothing to hide and he won’t try to make you jealous, he won’t make you wonder. You’re the winner, and he’s definitely going to let you know.

He wants to hang out with you when you’re on your period

So, this basically means he’s in love. It’s true. This guy is willing to endure your wrath just to spend more time with you, he even finds your psycho-ness somewhat endearing! He won’t even mention blow job week- he would never risk pissing off anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die.

There is no intense game, there are no gimmicky misleading lines, there’s no deception or manipulation. When a guy likes you he’s honest, he’s genuine, he’ll talk the talk AND walk the walk.

He’ll show you.

If you’re not getting the above, keep it moving sister- and be thankful it’s almost boot season. You’ll at least have something to give you some protection when you find yourself knee deep in another guys bull shit. At least this time, now you know.


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